I, T, X-shaped skills

I, T, X-shaped skills

What is it?

"I-shaped" denotes deep expertise in one area, "T-shaped" combines depth with breadth in related fields, and "X-shaped" extends T-shaped skills by emphasizing the ability to integrate and collaborate across diverse domains, fostering innovation and adaptability.

"I-shaped," "T-shaped," and "X-shaped" skills are concepts often used to describe the depth and breadth of an individual's skill set:

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  1. I-shaped skills: This refers to a person who has deep expertise in a specific area or domain. The vertical stem of the "I" represents the depth of knowledge in a single field.

  2. T-shaped skills: This describes an individual with both deep expertise in a specific area (the vertical stem of the "T") and a broader understanding of related fields (the horizontal bar of the "T"). T-shaped individuals have a balance of specialization and the ability to collaborate across disciplines.

  3. X-shaped skills: This extends the T-shaped concept by emphasizing the ability to connect and integrate knowledge and skills from multiple domains. The horizontal bar of the "X" represents the capacity to work effectively across diverse areas, fostering innovation and adaptability.

These concepts are often used in the context of workforce development, collaboration, and the evo ...