Maslow's Pyramid

Maslow's Pyramid

What is it?

Maslow Pyramid is a tool that helps you visualize the different levels of needs that people have.

How can it be useful to you? When you're trying to understand human motivations or figure out why you or someone else might be feeling unsatisfied or unfulfilled.

1. Physiological Needs

This is the base of the pyramid, the absolute necessities for survival: food, water, air, sleep, and shelter. It's like being in a survival game, you need these resources to stay alive.

Example: In a game like Minecraft, the first thing you do is gather food and build a shelter to survive the monsters that appear at night.

2. Safety Needs

Once the basic survival needs are met, we aim for security. This includes physical safety, financial stability, and emotional well-being. It's like leveling up in the game, now you're building stronger defenses, and gathering resources to secure your survival in the long run.

Example: In Minecraft, you might start to build fences to protect your area, gather more food for storage, and even craft weapons for defense.

3. Social Needs (Love and Belonging)

With the basics covered, we start looking for companionship and acceptance from others. These are our friendships, family relationships, and romantic partnerships. It's like finding a tr ...