In-Group Favoritism

In-Group Favoritism

What is it?

In-Group Favoritism is a bias that makes people favor their own pals in a group over people outside of the group.

In-group favoritism, also known as in-group bias, is a psychological phenomenon where people tend to favor or show preference towards members of their own group, while being less fair or more critical towards members of other groups. This bias can manifest in various ways, such as giving preferential treatment, showing more empathy, or being more lenient with people who belong to the same group as you.

Here are two simple examples to help you understand in-group favoritism:

  1. Sports fans: Imagine you're a dedicated fan of a particular sports team. When discussing players, you're likely to praise and defend the players from your favorite team, while being more critical of players from rival teams. This tendency to favor your team's players over others is an example of in-group favoritism.

  2. Workplace departments: Let's say you work in the marketing department of a company. When there's a disagreement or conflict between your department and another (e.g., the sales department), you might be more inclined to support your colleagues in marketing and be more critical of the sales team, even if the facts don't clearly favor one side over the other. This is an example of in-group fav ...