Five Stages of Tribal Leadership

Five Stages of Tribal Leadership

What is it?

The Five Stages of Tribal Leadership is a model that describes different levels of cultural and behavioral patterns within organizations or tribes. The stages range from a negative, disengaged mindset to a positive, collaborative and purpose-driven mindset. It emphasizes the importance of progressing from lower to higher stages for increased productivity and success.

How can it be useful to you? When understanding group dynamics or trying to improve the culture within an organization or team.

Stage One: "Life Sucks"

This is a stage of despair and disconnect. People feel alienated and see the world as unfair.

Example: A group of disgruntled workers continually gripe about their leadership and the company, saying things like, "This job is going nowhere."

Stage Two: "My Life Sucks"

At this stage, individuals might feel singled out and victimized by their circumstances. They may see others as better off than them.

Example: A student feels overwhelmed by their coursework and thinks their teachers are particularly hard on them, saying things like, "I can never catch a break. The teachers are out to get me."

Stage Three: "I'm Great (and You're Not)"

This stage is marked by competition and a need to prove oneself. Individuals in this stage are driven by personal achievement and recognition.

Example: A salesperson sees themselves as superior to their colleagues, saying things like, "I'm the top salesperson here. The rest don't compare."

Stage Four: "We're Great (and They're Not)"

People in this stage focus on coll ...