Confirmation Bias

Confirmation Bias

What is it?

Confirmation Bias is a bias that makes people seek out information that confirms their beliefs and ignore information that contradicts their beliefs.

how can it be useful to you?: It's crucial to understand and acknowledge confirmation bias when we are consuming information, making decisions, or forming opinions. It's a cognitive shortcut our brains use that can lead to skewed understanding and biased actions.

Picture this - you're a devoted coffee drinker and firmly believe that it's the best morning beverage to kickstart your day. You might:

1. Filter Information:

You pay attention to articles that praise the benefits of coffee, like boosting metabolism or reducing the risk of certain diseases, while ignoring ones that discuss potential downsides, like insomnia or digestive issues.

2. Interpret Information:

You interpret research findings in a way that suits your belief. For example, upon reading a study that says both coffee and tea can boost energy levels, you focus more on the part about coffee and downplay the role of tea.

3. Remember Information:

You recall positive experiences associated with drinking coffee, like feeling more alert or enjoying the aroma, but forget about the times when it made you feel jittery or caused a sleepless night.  


Confirmation bias can hinder our ability to make ...